Aussie Metal kutte..updated



arrhh mate, looking killer, must have been sewing hard, looking forward to the back.


Will get onto the back asap..hopefully by Abramelin gig..cheers mate


It's a pretty solid patch selection. But personally I'd rethink the Vomitor placement.


CORPSE MOLESTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need one haha.

Wicked as hell bro!!!!!! I got three patches on my Aussie one, Long ways to go yet.


Thanks Nater mate..yeah Corpse Molestation a must..3 patches is a start man cant wait to see yours when done..only got couple more to go on back of mine then mine be done for moment


Most welcome brother.

Agreed, Hiroshima Will Burn too, Customs one day.

Indeed, I'm working on an idea, More to be done soon.


Updated pics


The back looks awesome mate, Kick arse Bestial Warlust back patch, have a killer night with Abramelin.


Cheers mate yeah got done just in time happy as..yeah is gonna be sick tonight keen as..Abramelin Gape Mephistopheles and Permafog


With many thanks and Hails to my mate Craig who has posted, put me onto and personally handed me awesome patches to add..deadset champion bloke mate and i really appreciate


Cheers mate, great update with so many awesome Aussie bands, ill have to get that Hellbringer patch on the right, it's a ripper.


i would like to catch Gape. So much good aussie metal pass and present


Be onto a GAPE patch as soon as see one..GAPE playing tonight actually

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  • great! best old school black metal records.
  • melkein kyllä joutu sielunkin myymään! mutta eihän tätä ihan joka päivä vastaan tule varsinkaan ekaa painosta.
  • kiitoksia!
  • Nättiä.
  • full flames! great shirt. never seen before!
  • Cool bp. Wheres it from?
  • Hell yeah...nice!!!
  • I actually owned this tshirt for a while. I attended show in London. A killer show! Huge for thrash!
  • Leather on leather...very cool! I have have a leather vest over my leather jacket!
  • Congrats! Enjoy ur leather dude!!
  • Nice, I haven't seen a woven version of this patch before.
  • Thanks brother
  • Oooooooo I need this one /,,/
  • This one is great, I have it too :0
  • Killer one mate!!!!!,
  • This is a boot but what a good one /,,/


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