1st Battle Jacket

Fri, 21/04/2017 - 10:19

1st battlejacket started

Not for sale or trade
1st Battle Jacket
1st Battle Jacket


metalmaciejmetal's picture

Hanneman, Dime and Burton. Are you going for a RIP commemorative thing? There are some nice Lemmy ones these days. Gwar sold an Oderous one a few years ago after he died. Not sure if that's generally available.

Claudandus's picture

There is a pretty neat "In Memoriam" patch of Chris Witchhunter as well.


Jasin666's picture

Hey mate no I'm not purposely doin a memorial jacket it's just that I got a few early on in the piece

Rime Of The Ancient Ville's picture

And u should get Euronymous and dead but if u dont like bmetal not then.

metalmaciejmetal's picture

The list just keeps getting longer unfortunatly. Have you seen Kreator's music video for "Fallen Brother?"

Jasin666's picture

yea I have it's pretty cool

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  • fantastic
  • Thank you much appreciated!
  • I have the same! Which year? Has it a tag?
  • good luck.pm sent
  • thanks, and totally true!
  • I would like but at the moment I only want to sell the patches in value $ 10 of Iron Maiden and I do a free shipping but
  • Great zipper, and underrated band!
  • Yeah love it! Thanks! :)
  • This looks great dude! A magnificent back patch as well.
  • Nice one haven’t seen this one before
  • please show me your stuff
  • Cheers Mate!
  • Do you sell one of these? i also have some for trade if interested.
  • What do you ask for this patch ?
  • thank you!
  • Gut geworden, braucht noch mehr Nieten und Living Death :D


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