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Veles - Night On Bare Mountain

Thu, 23/06/2022 - 10:08
Not for sale or trade
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Veles - Night On Bare Mountain
Veles - Night On Bare Mountain

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Recent Comments

  • Thanks! I don't plan to fill it completely, so overall I'll add maybe 5 or 6 patches.
  • Killerstuff still hunting for the old demo tape
  • The had great stuff in old times "incarnation of morbidity" is still their best release imo
  • Danke, Danke 🙇‍♂️
  • Iron Maiden, Bathory and Wolfsbane gone.
  • What a groovy design!
  • Das wird noch eine richtig kranke Kutte, geiler Start \m/
  • Great start to a cool vest, what are you planning to put next to Judas Priest on the right side, at the same altitude as
  • Half ellipsis are indeed the bee's knees, quite a few amazing patches such as the infamous Doors bootleg or Wytch H
  • Got to hand it to these guys, they throw some nifty UG wear into the regular mix of tees.
  • Drown it in a "At Least You Tried" cake and throw the corner it's in straight into the trash bin \m/
  • Knarrenheinz never looked more at ease with the task at hand ;)
  • Held up well over the years, even though I still dislike when the Power Metal tag hits the floor of discussion, as this
  • C‘est formidable! The French Event Shirts are awesome every tour!
  • Love how they made the logo out of all the bands that were headlining, must have been a fantastic lineup.
  • Tastefully assembled vest, Sadistic Intent takes the cake for me, five flames!