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Blasphemy TShirt

Esteban trujillo
Sun, 07/05/2023 - 06:39

Bootleg shirt, used in good condition.
I have 7 years with this shirt

Sale only

Year: 2016
Original TShirt Fabric Color: 
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Blasphemy TShirt
Blasphemy TShirt
Blasphemy TShirt
Blasphemy TShirt
Blasphemy TShirt

Knarrenheinz666's picture

Look, no offense, but this is probably one of the most stupid boots I´ve ever seen. Who TF puts NS insignia on a Blasphemy shirt which has a black member...

Brendon's picture

People just see the black metal skinheads slogan without knowing shit about the band and run with it....

Esteban trujillo's picture

Yeahh iknow man haha, this is a mexican bootleg i think, Cheers!

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Recent Comments

  • thanks i appriciate your comment G!!!
  • Awesome shirt! I wasn’t even born yet wish I was that lineup was very good :-)
  • Amazing piece of history full flames .
  • I actually ordered something else and this is what showed up if your interested in it id consider trading it
  • Haha, yeah that was me. Thanks man!
  • That Hallows eve patch rocks, excellent vest
  • BadAss❤️‍🔥
  • Ayyyye 😎😎
  • I love all their music. But the show wasn't that great. For me the music was getting better of the time
  • Chop those sleeves into pieces, this is your last resort…hahaha
  • It mean it’s not them at their prime but still you’re hearing some amazing music!
  • Cheers bro, sick band!
  • Brutal! It makes me want to listen to some CC now!
  • Ayy congrats mate! Glad you finally found one :)
  • Sick as hell, love how good the red works with the camo. And great mixture of genres and bands!
  • Pretty cool start, those Mastodon patches are a great idea