Suffocation - European Tour 1995

Tue, 20/03/2018 - 09:15
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Suffocation - European Tour 1995
Suffocation - European Tour 1995


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  • Cool!!!
  • Anvil red label edition ? what does it say on label tag?
  • Geiles Teil
  • Great shirt! Big fan of Tommy Shaw.
  • I have both.I have the demodays on CD and vinyl.Indeed Raw Norwegian Black Metal.HAT was incredible...sick vocals! Even
  • They have a new system now I think.
  • I like the shape! Seen a lot of Bomber patches but never this one.
  • ;) cool, hätte gern die Buchversion der Cd gehabt, aber da war ich leider zu spät!
  • I like all of their stuff. Including newest as well. Its a lot cleaner though. The older stuff was very raw BM.
  • Vom Thumbnail sah es so aus, als ob "EMO" auf der Kappe stünde ;)
  • Komplett! Gerade von Execution Guaranteed hörste so gut wie nix.
  • No!Eventhrough having their later records in my collection.It's a band with a rumerous past,and worked among best B
  • Schickes Teil Finde sowieso Reign of Fear und Execution Guaranteed kritisch unterbewertet.
  • Yeah I'm more into 80s stuff but there is badass 90s shit too!
  • You are right , i just love the 80s and 90s ,they made the best music ever, personal opinion.
  • Genial,hab beide Plus die völkisch orthodox auf lp
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