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Skyclad t-shirt collection (so far...)

Lord Cthulhu
Thu, 23/03/2023 - 17:10

I used these photos of my Skyclad shirts on another site recently, so thought I may as well put them up here as I'm damned if I'm getting them all out again for a separate photo!

Mix of mostly original vintage 2-sided, plus a few more modern designs. One or two long-sleeves in here, plus a hoodie, and then lots of tees. Oh, and a few festival shirts (last photo, back shown)

If you've got one I haven't and want to sell or trade, do let me know?!

Not for sale or trade
Original TShirt Fabric Color: 
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Skyclad t-shirt collection (so far...)
Skyclad t-shirt collection (so far...)
Skyclad t-shirt collection (so far...)

ThinLizzy71's picture

Impressive collection!!!

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Recent Comments

  • thanks i appriciate your comment G!!!
  • Awesome shirt! I wasn’t even born yet wish I was that lineup was very good :-)
  • Amazing piece of history full flames .
  • I actually ordered something else and this is what showed up if your interested in it id consider trading it
  • Haha, yeah that was me. Thanks man!
  • That Hallows eve patch rocks, excellent vest
  • BadAss❤️‍🔥
  • Ayyyye 😎😎
  • I love all their music. But the show wasn't that great. For me the music was getting better of the time
  • Chop those sleeves into pieces, this is your last resort…hahaha
  • It mean it’s not them at their prime but still you’re hearing some amazing music!
  • Cheers bro, sick band!
  • Brutal! It makes me want to listen to some CC now!
  • Ayy congrats mate! Glad you finally found one :)
  • Sick as hell, love how good the red works with the camo. And great mixture of genres and bands!
  • Pretty cool start, those Mastodon patches are a great idea