Old custom Bathory shirt

Tue, 28/02/2012 - 20:46

I dont have much information on this shirt but judging by the looks of it + "size patch" its clearly very old. I would guess late 80s/early 90s, I read about it on a forum a few years ago where some dude where claiming that Quorthon personally designed this one. Bullshit or not I had to find it...

If anyone have some more information on this shirt feel free to comment and let me know!

Sale only
Old custom Bathory shirt


Disorted's picture

I own it, everything I post I currently possess if its not marked with the word SOLD.

LaUlvenDrepe's picture

This is indeed a strange one, yet it's one of the most badass Bathory shirts I've ever seen! Holy crap, this is fucking awesome.

AleOldSchool's picture

fuck yeah looks like wax from a candle.

NekroDesekrator666's picture

That shirt is awesome!

Liberator's picture

Did you bleach a black t shirt and used a stencil or something???
Looks awesome and very unique.

philly's picture

Look at the description

SammyFuneralFrost's picture

I loves it :3

Plague's picture

Nice ass shirt! Wish they still made them.

TheGirlWhoWasDeath's picture

How much do you want for it?

ulvhedner's picture

Hey TheGirlWhoWasDeath !... if it is a medium please let me have this one ;) hehe.. nae skojja bara..eller?

TheGirlWhoWasDeath's picture

Den var lite för dyr just då, vill han sälja så ta den. :)

ulvhedner's picture

Det var snällt av dig hehe

ulvhedner's picture

All HAIL! What size is it??

ulvhedner's picture

It is a really "right on" shirt I must say! It's timeless in some weird way.. never seen this before. No chance it's a M ??

DuoQ Imperius's picture

still selling?

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