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Mayhem LS

Fri, 30/09/2022 - 17:04

Mayhem LS original print, some cracking in logo and on backprint.
The story goes from the person I got this from that this belonged to Stubberud himself. I haven't asked him myself if it's true, but a funny story nontheless.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 1997
TShirt tag: 
Original TShirt Fabric Color: 
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Mayhem LS
Mayhem LS
Mayhem LS
Mayhem LS
Mayhem LS
Mayhem LS
Mayhem LS

domskapupil's picture

Never fails to be a amazing shirt!

CodexAggro's picture

I agree! It's just something about it!

Tormentor's picture

Killer. I have one that Hellhammer gave to me back in 97 when I stayed at his place. Stupidly I wore it for work and got paint and other such shit on it.

CodexAggro's picture

Wow that's amazing though! Met Hellhammer once back in the day, and he was a real cool guy!
So, now we need to find someone who got a sweater from Blasphemer and Attila!

Tormentor's picture

Mate, that’s fuck all. He gave me his Helvete shirt, Burzum shirts and Lp to name a few things. Plus I had original Mayhem shirts that I bought from Oystein.

CodexAggro's picture

Ah, more old school than me, then! I've been a metalhead since '92, but didn't start collecting 'till 01 or 02.

Tormentor's picture

Still, that’s 30 years in the game. Here’s to many more.

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Recent Comments

  • haha...no clue what that is, but the pics are awesome and ....ill go and give it a try now...lol
  • omg....how i could have missed this pics!!.....Thx Archive for archive...hahaha
  • Mike Steel are the best quality out there!! i have a few already of Mike Steel and all are awesome!!
  • one of the best BPs out there...., for me...music vice :D
  • have the book too.....one of the best music related books i have read so far
  • fantastic patch!!!
  • looks more like 'hot pants'..hehehehe :P ..compared to Jams from the old days
  • fantastic album! I habe the old first vinly press without any 'range' ...but it sounds awesome :D lol
  • NiN isnt realy my band...but damn....ur collection is veeeery nice!! Respect!
  • haha,...i like this kind of 'merch'..haha
  • looks pretty nice, i like the colours
  • It's like a teal color, it's just hard to see cuz it's kinda dark
  • Hi there, it was in my older brother collection in a plastic bag with "1989" written on it.
  • Caught them on their 2000 european tour, killer band !!!
  • Very nice design !!!!
  • Great shirt !!!!
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