Master's Hammer shirt

Wed, 31/05/2017 - 12:53

Original Master's Hammer - Ritual shirt from '91.
One of the best BM albums of all time.

Not for sale or trade


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Excellent uploads here mate!! Full flames & nothing less for Masters Hammer!

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Hah, I'm afraid I pushed the price up as I came in second bidder. Congrats, shirt looks great.

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hehe thanks. I was after this shirt for a long long time and it rarely comes up for sale, so I was kinda prepared that there would be other maniacs bidding against me. I think I got it for cheap though.

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Yeah the price wasn't outrageous. However I'm more of a bargain hunter so I'll just keep my eyes open for another one. Only two more weeks and I'll see Master's hammer live...this would have been a good shirt to wear you know ;)

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Nice, I hopefully I ll see them in August

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Killer shirt!
Correct me if I'm wrong but is this the shirt released by Osmose back then ?

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I don't think so, I think the original had a band pic on back if I recall right.

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I don't think it was released by Osmose because Osmose released Ritual in '94 and I've seen pics and vids (as a matter of fact Necrocock is wearing one in the Cerna Svatozar video) of the band wearing it during the Ritual era. I think this was released either by Monitor or the band in '91, which explains the Czech text in the back

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The Ritual shirt shown on some old photos and the video has a promo photo in the back, this one was made by some Maniac Butcher guys in the late 90's

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Thanks for the info.

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A true black metal relic


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  • Thanks dudes, took a couple months of after work sewing, probably the fastest I've ever banged out a jacket.
  • Really awesome!
  • Where did you found this killer ?
  • Perfect Oldschool with very nice Bands
  • Woah, I love this jacket, it stands out so well and the colours really pop! Nice job!
  • very cool, never seen it bevor... absolute great.
  • Lol, is this band just stealing limp bizkits album artwork?
  • cool battle jacket, i like it.
  • Aaaah, v'dammt... zu groß. :-/
  • Thanx a lot ajnin! :) The pins of course will be removed as soon as I start covering the upper left front.
  • Yes the bands have signed the things for us. Too bad that we did not take the vinyl records with us.
  • Thanks. You're right. Nordrhein-Westfalen was one of the metal centers in Germany.
  • Such a beauty!
  • Behold Barbarity was selling it but it’s gone now
  • Still for sale? how much about it?
  • They have some albums I never could get into. Especially their later outputs.


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