Exhumed Gore metal

Mon, 01/02/2016 - 11:39

Exhumed Gore metal T-shirt size XL

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Exhumed Gore metal
Exhumed Gore metal
Exhumed Gore metal



Do you sell it ?




I'm interested, please contact me (I dont unterstand this website) !

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  • Damn what an epic collection!!! Can I move in haha. Wicked Demented Ted!! Highly underrated album, Fucking love it.
  • Most welcome! Fuck yeah great albums, I'd have to go Scum.Collapse.Eradication myself.
  • The total length is shorter than average, but the bust is approx. 44 in. You can always have it tailored.
  • Nice!
  • nice man!
  • Killer patches! Burzum and Arcturus look great!
  • Got it on some website called ghoulsmetalproducts666 !
  • I didn't know they made midnight shirts in small. hahaha
  • really different midnight design!
  • killer shirt!
  • Very cool! Those are some stunning guitars.
  • Looks great!!!
  • I'm a Thrasher at heart but I love me some Punk Rock and The Ramones are one of my favorites.
  • i like funny, obscure kinds of patches they dont necessarily have to be rare but i like anything that makes me think of
  • Noticed this was uploaded 2016, did it ever get sold?
  • I am also really fond of rare patches, they drive me to keep buying more for other jacket projects.

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