Emperor - In The Nighside Eclipse LS

vkokFri, 10/08/2018 - 22:26

Emperor - In The Nighside Eclipse LS

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Emperor - In The Nighside Eclipse LS
Emperor - In The Nighside Eclipse LS

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  • Definitely a classic man!
  • I've seen the short sleeve version in a few different places but yes the long sleeve was a bit difficult.
  • Thanks, it was a choice between black or gold border, and the gold was too nice to pass up!
  • In 10 years this shirt is gonna be rare AF
  • Such a masterpiece!!!!
  • Thanks! Definitely a gem in my collection!
  • Suprisingly hard to find this one.....
  • That's a great looking LS mate!!!
  • Was this the Lifeless from Salt Lake City?
  • Niiiiceeeee
  • Naja es ist beides ne Art Old English
  • One of my absolute favourite album covers, and a damn fine album with a stellar title track too
  • Savage patch collection. Plans to put all these on a vest?
  • Weißt du zufällig, ob das dieselbe Schriftart ist wie sie Dodheimsgard beim Kronet Til Konge-Album verwendet haben?
  • Gorgeous. Particularly like the gold border
  • Frags mich nochmal auf deutsch



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