The Devil's Blood

Wed, 25/01/2012 - 18:55
Not for sale or trade
The Devil's Blood
The Devil's Blood
The Devil's Blood


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Recent Comments

  • Bahaha !! Funny man, We ride Kangaroos too !!!
  • Leider nein.
  • Size M and I prefer the green one.
  • Haha !!! Thanks Bro
  • Thanks NNB, yeah mate it's an XL.
  • Haha !! Cheers Bloke.
  • Me too mate, Cool record too.
  • Cheers Dr Fill.
  • Sure is mate. Thanks for the flames.
  • Hey Bro, Haha !! Knew you'd like this one!! Hope you going well. Been a while. Speak soon mate. A
  • Cheers mate
  • Thanks Torstensson.
  • Same here. I was pretty euphoric upon hearing some Blood Ritual material live.
  • beautiful, one of the best albums ever
  • great photo's, would love to see Vader live in my lifetime.
  • bloody awesome shirt, love their early stuff

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