The Devil's Blood

Wed, 25/01/2012 - 18:55
Not for sale or trade
The Devil's Blood
The Devil's Blood
The Devil's Blood


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Recent Comments

  • Thanks my friend! Nifelheim fucking rules indeed!
  • Holy battlejackets
  • That must have been hard to find over there, trans am's ?
  • Looks cool as hell but I'd probably get shot if I wore it haha.
  • I'm not big into cars but old Plymouths look cool as hell, my uncle's going through a desperate midlife crisis
  • Went to both shows here in Finland, both were great.
  • Thanks! And yes, they are indeed.
  • Hey pal. Would you trade this for anything?
  • cheers mate, it is a simple cool shirt.
  • Very cool T shirt
  • Thank you:-) Yes, indeed,they're great live. New Vader album coming soon:-)
  • love that little pinhead ^^
  • i want a shield
  • Hi, the front is pretty similar to a shirt i have, what there is in the back? can you post a picture of the back?
  • very nice all over print, great band as well
  • Thanks!

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