Ravishing Grimness
Mon, 27/10/2014 - 16:03

Burzum-When night falls LS/XL

1st print of this classical shirt from one of Norways most notorious bands.

Sale only



Awesome shirt!


Awesome! Love this album!

Ravishing Grimness

Thank you all..Yea'mostdefinitely one of the most intriging records of all times.Just love the simplicity,yet the obscure atmosphere in it.

DuoQ Imperius

I did my acc now, can someone tell me what I should do to buy t-shirts here?
I try to buy and this appears:
"Sorry, you need to contribute some more of your own items to the TShirtSlayer gallery first!! You have not contributed anything yet."


Post some pictures of shirts you own and like. Patches and records too under Miscellaneous. Post some action photos of you and your friends at shows. comment on other member's shirts etc. After a few days, your'e in. This is not a store where you come in and buy shit and leave, it is a community, and, as such, the admin don't like poser windowshoppers (not saying you are one), girls posting selfies of their newfound boobs in Hammerfall t-shirts or dudes looking to make a quick sale or purchase then bail. this ain't the place. but WELCOME. If you take a look around and get just the smallest bit involved, you'll find this place is killer (and not a bad place to find shirts and merch you can trade and buy too). Best to you man! \m/

Ravishing Grimness

Hello, which ones are you interested in?

Ravishing Grimness

Sorry, for not having the time so much being on here. But i also have other obligations...work,and the label etc.

DuoQ Imperius

Hi Ravishing Grimness

I would like to buy this Burzum T-shirt, but Im from Brazil.
I still have to post some content here to send PM, so sorry to reply this here.
Can you sell this t-shirt to me?

our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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  • Killer. Need to track one of these down.
  • The front is the Nidarosdomen in Trondheim/Norway. And Dead was born in Sweden, not in the Netherlands....
  • If I'm not mistaken this tour was 1992. Great shirt!
  • Thanks man!
  • So beautiful! Can't wait to get mine.
  • Amazing band!!
  • Would be interested, but I'm a bit low on cash, & I'm sure you're asking quite a good price for it!
  • Overkill is GONE !
  • Nice, gonna check em out!! Thanx!
  • Thanks man. I am selling this. Send me your offer if you want
  • Thanx very much mate!
  • Similar vein as ASF.
  • Yeah man.
  • yeah very awesome, do you know if there is a physical copy of their split? and if so, where to get it?
  • Never heard about these, sorry... I got into ASF through one of my ex gf's. Seen em live somewhen in the 1990s.
  • Damn good album!

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