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Iron Maiden Book of Souls Tour Shirt

Thu, 31/03/2016 - 07:36

Book of Souls Tour shirt 2016

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2016
Original TShirt Fabric Color: 
Not yet set / Ask
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Iron Maiden Book of Souls Tour Shirt
Iron Maiden Book of Souls Tour Shirt

madbutcher's picture

Pure beauty!!!

NoahM's picture


Antonio's picture

Amazing front & back cover !

NoahM's picture

Yeah - I like the back print on this one especially~

Fuggle74's picture

Love the style of this one. Back print is sensational!

NoahM's picture

Totally agree! The back should have been the front on a different shirt!

quixotic's picture

Great shirt, but I'd like it when they made two out of this with no backprint

NoahM's picture

I agree - the back print on this one is better than the front!

Nater90's picture

The back is amazing!

Pirates are bad ass, I want to quit my job and be a pirate...Life goals.

NoahM's picture

Thanks! Ha ha! I'm a big Alestorm fan. First time I saw them live, I almost shit myself when I saw the "rowing pit" - hilarious!!

Nater90's picture

I know ;) Have commented on your stuff.

Hahahaha, Brilliant!!

I've seen em three times now, Really great live band, And Chris is a really nice guy.

NoahM's picture

Yeah! He's super cool - hangs out after the show & takes photos with the fans! Great guy. I love the new Gloryhammer album!

Also - I heard rumors about an Alestorm/Sabaton co-headlining show this fall (here in the US). Oh man - if that happens. . .!!

Nater90's picture

True that, He hangs out before the show to, Well here he does anyways. It's awesome.

I still need to get the Gloryhammer album! But they kick ass also, Saw them live in 2014.

I don't mind Sabaton, Haven't listened to heaps but from what I've seen they put on a hell of a show! Hope it happens and you can go my friend \m/

NoahM's picture

Haven't seen Gloryhammer live - not sure they've ever been to the US. Sabaton is AMAZING - give them another listen!! Just got back from the Canada Maiden show! FTTB tickets - front & center, on the barrier - FANTASTIC!!!

Nater90's picture

Shall do mate!

Wicked! Great to hear bro, Safe travels home.

NoahM's picture

Home safe, thanks!!! \m/ \m/

g.dresche's picture

this must be dan mumford artwork. super cool stuff

Logan's picture


NoahM's picture

Not sure. Clearly a Powerslave riff but not sure if the artist uses a specific title for this.

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