Blowfly "Black In The Sack"

shot by a fan
Sat, 17/06/2017 - 16:21

Blowfly's parody of Celtic Frost "Emperor's Return".

Not for sale or trade
Blowfly "Black In The Sack"
Blowfly "Black In The Sack"

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  • Brütal..!
  • une beauté
  • Meddl Loide.
  • cheers man!
  • Thanks, for the link...that sounds very good...got to take some time to listen to it properly !!!!!
  • I have that patch and another one in my watch list.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T11dAqg6CGw Here is full album.
  • Yeah, i know Ghostorm and Regredior...but i think i have to check out Meressin !!!! Thanks for the tip !!
  • bad situation with metal music in Lithuania :/ almost all bands are boring. only few albums I can recommend (and they a
  • its woven, iam not sure if its official, i think it came out with the album back in 2005
  • Awesome !!!!!
  • !
  • Speed like the wolf!
  • This one deserves everything! Fantastic! Congrats Mate!
  • Hi No backprint and you can find this shirt here https://grumpymood.bigcartel.com/products I'm friend with the
  • ... und EMP noch als Beilage in der Metal Hammer steckte. Lieferzeit min.
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