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  • You'll get them all eventually. Good luck with finding a Cross the Styx patch...
  • Thanx a lot, mate! :) To be honest I painted some spots black to make it look more covered.
  • WOOOOW!!! This is amazing man! What of night of Pure Metal!
  • Thanks man! You also have that Destruction poster. Did you get it when you saw them in concert?
  • Wow! Amazing! Great layout and choice of patches.
  • fuckin nutsssss
  • Sweet.
  • These are nice.
  • A most excellent patch Nisse!
  • great collection... i like Destruction and you have the first poster from 1985 :-)
  • great one !
  • i post it ...
  • Porbably not the best Thrash album, but for me it's the best Overkill album.
  • Goatlord!!! Hell yeah! \m/
  • AWESOME, I'd really love to have this one. How much do you want for it?
  • Lovely!


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