Biohazard longsleeve

Vegan168Wed, 05/12/2018 - 20:19

Tour longsleeve from 2002 got it Sweden

Not for sale or trade

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  • this one is up for trade or sale still :)
  • Never seen anyone but me with one like this.
  • this would have been an amazing show!
  • hell hammer patch is a bit nasty looking... kinda low quality.. but still a good patch
  • Na das hoffe ich doch auch :D
  • Nice to see s requiem patch!!!!
  • Hoffentlich hält der dann mal länger als Deine letzten^^
  • You're absolutely right. Which is why I got the Unstoppable Force solely to shape the logo out of it.
  • The artstyle of their newer(?) shirts reminds me of those metalcore bands that take up all of the space in the EMP catal
  • You stick a sewing needle into a piece of cork which acts as an insulator.
  • Danke, das freut mich!
  • With scissors my friend, the shorter and more cut up the better in my opinion. & thanks!
  • how do you cut the sleeves, collar, and buttons off? great jacket too.
  • Nice haul mate, what's your favourite Thy Art album?
  • Geiles Teil ! Super Band Auswahl !!!
  • GRIM!


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