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Thu, 09/08/2018 - 13:50

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Recent Comments

  • Beautiful handwork! I stole your Akhlys patch idea... I hope you don't mind ;)
  • some fugly can be sexy though haha...the thi gs they do to compensate man.
  • Cheers Doc!
  • yeaah i dont know why they didnt sell them on tour. It has a live dvd as well.
  • yup. these are from the early years box. all my fav albums from them in one box.
  • Metallica - Master of Puppets (big Superstripe) - GONE Dark Angel - Logo - GONE Iron Maiden - Women in Uniform - GONE
  • Thanks man! Bought it at the show a month ago!
  • What's up with all these Sepultura CDs beeing just this card sleeve thing.. Were they part of a Boxset? :)
  • Everyone loves a one-date shirt. \m/
  • the best
  • Venom gab es bei uns nicht! Ansonsten war die Rofa gut voll und die Stimmung super! Exodus war der Hammer!
  • where did you find this one.. beautiful...
  • In mint pristine condition as someone would say ahahahah The Mack is Back ?
  • beautiful
  • Siehe Antwort beim anderen Shirt ;)
  • Wie war es dort? War in Oberhausen - da gab es dann noch 1.5 Std Venom

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