Hellhammer - rare bootleg tape - signed

MasterDeathThu, 17/08/2017 - 11:17

Hellhammer - bootleg tape with Satanic Rites & Triumph of Death - signed by Tom G. Warrior
I received this great tape from my amazing girlfriend for my birthday few weeks ago! She contacted my good friend Thilo aka Der Todesking for it! He obtained it in 1990/91. and this copy was made by Wim Baelus (not Euronymous!). I couldn't believe it when I opened the present! Thanks a lot for helping my gf to make this happen my friend!!!
I was searching for an original for years!! And finally it's in my collection + signed by the legend himself, Tom G. Warrior! This one is going into the grave with me haha!


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  • You are funny man....;-) i asked first, but nobody has a credit card...haha...
  • ...Methorn mailorder-Germany
  • I agree :)
  • Very nice job! Not sure how well Boston fits the theme though. :P
  • totally agree
  • Super awesome artwork on this one \m/
  • what about ask a buddy to order it for you? or you dont own any friends? :)
  • I know it mate , thx....BUT they only accept credit cards( don't own one),, no PayPal....
  • not sure about the design tho... looks a little copy+paste some clipart and randomly place the band logo?
  • google.. http://www.victorymerch.com/store/sistersin/tshirts any good?
  • https://www.nervengas.com/Textilien/fuer-Maenner/T-Shirts/Nachtfalke-KKE-T-Hemd::1402.html
  • Is still available. Nervengas Versand
  • Rammsteiiiin !!!
  • Fuckin‘ awesome
  • woah
  • comparing with some of the older originals here, it looks perfect!

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