Death, Gore Grind 10"s

Sun, 06/12/2015 - 13:16

Death, Gore Grind 10"s.
1 - Brutal Truth - Kill Trend Suicide 10"
2 - Carcass - Surgical Re-mission/Surplus Steel 10" gold
3 - Crucifier - Trampled under Cloven Hooves 10"
4 - Exhumed/Aborted - Deceased In The East 10"

Not for sale or trade
Death, Gore Grind 10"s

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  • ClAssic
  • to the neo nazi who printed this shirt Brooklyn or Detroit all the same shit
  • You will have to ask the. Band about that... How ironic... theres no brooklyn date on the back hahahahahahahah
  • ебать! продаи! думаешь моеи телки понравится?
  • Sweet shirt man! Looks awesome, and the old Misanthropy copyright makes it even gnarlier
  • if i dont get laid with this shirt.. do you have a return policy?
  • Yeah! This or the devourment shirt i have... it sends a straight message
  • can this shirt help me get laid?
  • Nice!
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