Black Death Until We ROCK

Fri, 16/03/2018 - 17:07

The early years compilation!! Remastered old demo and compilation tracks from before their debut. I was especially stoked to hear the live songs, which I'd never heard before.

Not for sale or trade


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Is this the Auburn Records CD release? I picked up the orange vinyl from Hells Headbangers. Good shit. This band needs patches!

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This is the CD put out by Wyrd War. Wyrd War's site says sold out... I thought this CD was on HHR too, but I just checked and can't find it anymore.

I agree on the patches! I'm thinking about buying another t shirt from HHR and turning it into a back patch.

I want so bad to see Black Death Resurrected live again. Their return album was so killer!

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  • Wow! Never seen before!
  • Never seen befor
  • Forgot the flames
  • Haha yeah this is a real nice one
  • If it wasn't me then it had to be you , best hoodie ever
  • Nice one.Seems you missing out the 'Wolf'patch,or do you have this one as well
  • VERY nice!!
  • Classic debut.
  • very nice!!
  • It came with my vinyl copy of Anno Domini released by Attila's label Saturnus Productions.
  • Haha, awesome
  • Thank you. I found it in a job lot of Jethro Tull badges - only $25 for 9 including this one.
  • https://www.hammeronlineshop.com/iletisim.html This is the website of the label who's gonna release them, so you ca
  • Wow. This is so awesome!
  • Thank you !
  • Yes , bought in december ,should arrive in late january but returned to the seller because those courier assholes did no
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