Perverted Taste germany

Thu, 04/10/2012 - 14:25
ordered a Craft - Fuck the Universe hoodie off them in June, they didn't have my size so it had to be printed up, wich should take 10 days. after numerous threatening emails and threatening to put this online i finally got my hoodie today ! (oktober !) absolutely NO communication from the label whatsoever !!! retarded emails that offer no explanation whatsoever. bad review all the way !


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The email communication was fast, responded immediately. However, the site is not accurate. I ordered a sweatshirt and a CD, everything ok and shipping in Italy in the times

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Always without problem!


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  • Wow man, we were huge Influencers back then it seems, looking at the Hällas Hype now hahaha!
  • Not my band, but the colors look astonishing!
  • Thanks, my friend!
  • nice one !
  • Thanks mate! I love the detail on this patch..
  • Congrats!!
  • I never thought of it that way but I understand your opinion.
  • You're right, it was a tremendous amount of work Thank you so much man.
  • Nice one lads, I think so too. I'll give it the crown of authenticity
  • I would say, that's an Original Shirt from the time!
  • From TSS member R. J.'s California business right here.
  • Madness reigns
  • mine looks the same and I got it from a guy who bought it back in the 90s. the copyright looks legit too...
  • Sorry for the late response :| Awesome, looking foward to see more :D Cheers :D \m/
  • Cheers dude, ya think it's authentic?
  • killer shirt man! own it too...
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