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Tue, 07/12/2010 - 14:55
I know someone already mentioned their name but I wanted to put up a link to the Abyss Records site. I just got the Wehrmacht-Shark Attack patch (4"x4") from them and they have a ton of other awesome patches.


Doctor Butcher's picture

bought a survive patch pretty good..

Doctor Butcher's picture

bought a survive patch pretty good..

lak89's picture

Bought a bunch of patches last year, very reliable.

ShieldbitersValhalla's picture

Great shipping time and packaging.

meaningless's picture

Bought there some shirts and a hoodie, was many many years ago. Nice contact, good quality and normal shipping time (from US to Europe)

thrashbabe85's picture

Probably the best, as far as product, price, sevice goes.

FarFarNorth's picture

My Dawn of the black hearts backpatch came from them, some years ago. Shipping was prompt and order experience flawless. Which reminds me to place another order with them soon... Entirely reliable place.

VoiceOfTheSoul's picture

Good price, fast shipping

Claudandus's picture

Awesome selection, great prices and fairly fast shipping time.

lak89's picture

Bought from them again (shipping to Hong Kong) and it arrived in 9 days, I'm more than satisfied.

ImproperBurial's picture

I've bought from them 3 times now, every time the order arrived in less than a week. I've had some of those patches for a while now and they're still in good condition. Dan Fergusen (the owner) is very easy to deal with

Coroner's picture

Wtf bought an Morgoth Resurrection Absurd Longsleeve this big Bullshit shirt.

My TOILET PAPER is in better quality as that crap stuff!


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  • Fuckin A! Sepultura died after jairo tormentor left!
  • Very nice!
  • Yeah sure, that's why I said "asap" not "instantly". ;)
  • This looks pretty badass I need to check these guys out
  • I'm waiting for people to finish correspondence with him first, he hasn't logged in for a while
  • @DoctorDeath: You should delete Hellpike's account asap I'd say. Don't you think so?
  • Yes! Looking good!!!
  • Really nice, congratulations!
  • Open the PayPal case refund immediately, this boy good .. he be could be a scammer I think
  • Thank you. :)
  • This copy looks better than usual.
  • Cries from a restless Soul is incredible too.
  • I also bought his same Maiden, so I think this is not ok. I opened a case for a refund in PayPal.
  • надо б эмпаера найти футболку
  • This most be one of the most legendary prints coming to the German Thrash Metalscene in the eighties next besides Kreato
  • For sure. Cof's work is great.

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