heavymetalshop poland

Sun, 03/01/2016 - 21:09
http://heavymetalshop.com.pl/ its a shop in poland. The owner has a page on facobook Krzysztof Wieczorek offers stuff in facebook on patch /shirts and other facebook pages to sell his stuff. the stuff he offers are plane copies:scanned rufly cut out of the scan and hotmeltprinted on whatever you order. its the worst crap ever if the stuff was propperly scanned and completly remade it would not be sudge a big deal,but square edges and pieces missing and totally off coller and dark printed? I understand that people do certain things for money..but this is simply a huge rip off!



yeah thats fucked!!!


I bought in this shop
Hoodie VADER ...
hoodie 100% official, hoodie was quickly sent
no problems


cool store , I bought a hoodie Burzum . Quickly write off and good contact with the seller. I will go back to the store !


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  • Dope vest.. I'm currently working on my first one.
  • Do you have any other info on this shirt by any chance? Like year/manufacturer?
  • Has an amazing PL collection.
  • nice i like the rammstein the most, i think it needs more patches on the back tho, and pins!
  • Which acts are you calling "mainstream" and on what base?
  • I feel compelled to give full flames for non-hemmed sleeve holes, great washed out color, brass studs instead of silver,
  • Es original?
  • Haha, True that man.
  • Haha! This collection is too amazing for a conventional exclaimation
  • Hahahahaha "Holy satanic dicknut" That's a new one!!!
  • Holy satanic dicknut dude you have one mighty collection. The London 2017 and the Black Evil design are sick as fuck!
  • Fantastic shirt, Got the silver glitter version with back print. Love this album so much, Very influential for me, Was
  • Nice selection of mainstream bands! I like how you coordinated the sides to red and blue haha. Looks nice!
  • Hahahaha, Awesome shirt and show!
  • https://youtu.be/AFg2a5SC7BQ
  • Fucking nice!!! Congrats.


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