heavymetalshop poland

Sun, 03/01/2016 - 21:09
http://heavymetalshop.com.pl/ its a shop in poland. The owner has a page on facobook Krzysztof Wieczorek offers stuff in facebook on patch /shirts and other facebook pages to sell his stuff. the stuff he offers are plane copies:scanned rufly cut out of the scan and hotmeltprinted on whatever you order. its the worst crap ever if the stuff was propperly scanned and completly remade it would not be sudge a big deal,but square edges and pieces missing and totally off coller and dark printed? I understand that people do certain things for money..but this is simply a huge rip off!

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  • Thank you sir.
  • are they gay and katatonic?
  • Uber driver of the year! Yoy must have some nice tunes while driving punks around town. Cc Cage!
  • ass spanking!
  • you want family or friends?
  • Thanks man ! Yeah i tried to go for something "cleaner" with this vest... glad you like it :)
  • Hahahahahahahhaa new uber logo hahaha I want to wear this shirt and get asked if im an uber driver...
  • You know who they are, man...
  • Talking bout what? Cockfighting?
  • No! You only wear black! You need to stop
  • Yeah! Discouraged and tonights... :) I love that era too
  • This is nicely done.
  • this looks rare! it seems like a mix of 2007 and 2014 version.
  • Is this Uber logo...from their new commercial?
  • i guess he never made it to the back print...trains are fast nowadays
  • i wonder what that devil guy is doing hmm
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