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  • If you got Facebook they shared picture of the merch store, they are few amazing tshirts
  • Awesome shirt even better than British one I'm so jealous ;)
  • Yep, this with the Killer giant logo they sell on facebook surrounded by the Cyclone, Warhead, Ostrogoth and Acid boots
  • Can't wait!
  • Thanks Nisse! I bet you have :)
  • Very cool Patch! =)
  • Nice Bathory boot! Five born for burning flames!
  • Cheers Matt! One of the best maiden sweaters out there for sure.
  • Where did you get that Lubricant patch???
  • Of course he is!
  • Its a cool shirt and i baught it too in oberhausen yesterday but did you guys notice that the flag is not correct.
  • It is great mate!
  • Looks really cool so far. The SIGH patch kicks ass.
  • This is really cool. Good taste, bro.
  • >:(
  • Thanks!


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