Patch Collection

vic vega
Sat, 17/03/2018 - 01:47

After Collecting for years this is my current collection, If a patch is in 2 images its a duplicate.

Not for sale or trade


19Philthy16's picture

Very impressive collection, man! Planing on making a jacket?

vic vega's picture

Probably a few lol

Nater90's picture

Whoa. You have some gems here. Can't wait to see at least one kutte haha.

vic vega's picture

Thanks Man

SOAD4.0's picture

Holy shit that's a fuckload of patches! How long have you been collecting?

vic vega's picture

Probably 6 years

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Recent Comments

  • Great
  • Your most welcomed. And I can’t wait to see these Xasthur shirts in the summer!
  • Thank you brother! I hope I will!
  • I knew you’d agree on that bro, you have great taste!
  • I love that shirt man!
  • Amazing!!!
  • full flames! great collection! unholy black metal.
  • Such a bautiful sight! I only miss the Burzum one, agh!
  • Always liked that one! Simply amazing!
  • Awesome shirt!! My friends went to the Budapest show and said that it was definitely unforgetable!
  • Stille Volk ? I'm so surprised that this band is on this compilation, I must listen it.
  • Great selection! Missed out on the Sacrilege patch a couple of years back. The G.I.S.M. - M.A.N.
  • Danke! Gamla Sodom går ej av för hackor!!
  • Jodu!
  • Granar och svart metall!
  • Fyra kronjuveler. Förbannat bra skivor. Tack för elden!

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