Obituary - "Cause Of Death" Coffin Patch

Thu, 10/08/2017 - 22:44

Nice Version Of Those Classic

Not for sale or trade
Obituary - "Cause Of Death" Coffin Patch


our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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  • Can I buy it from you ! 老哥
  • easily this the best upload of the year, congrats
  • hhh, Thanks mate, I'm satisfied with my Rust In Peace BP!!!
  • Thank you mate, Violator is so damn good ! Cheer for them !
  • Still available! PM for price! Thx!
  • Sick shirt!
  • EPIC! Up the Irons. \m/
  • Looking good. Love the BP. \m/
  • Man Guys like you make this site worth visiting.
  • Try ebay, I see a lot of vtg Toolshirts on there, I believe there is one on there right now, it's a large I think.
  • Both jackets look great! Awesome mix of bands
  • That Repulsion interview should be very interesting!! (Just read the intro)
  • Really cool!
  • Very cool to see this. This zine looks like it was done extremely well, and there are some iconic bands on here.
  • Pretty sure I've seen a few bolt thrower collectors on facebook looking for this one.
  • Congrats man!!! One hell of a shirt. Agreed, Dave is a fucking legend.


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