The Exploited "Death Before Dishonour" Backpatch

Tue, 12/06/2018 - 22:59
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  • bought it, when i saw Deadsoil..many years ago. But wasnt that convinced after listen to it..haha..
  • i know..hehe...whoever know this band, will be surprised that i have stuff like that in my collection..hahaha..but i rly
  • sadly...NO..i never saw them live....
  • i love this album. its their best - imo.
  • yeah..haha...there were a nice offer, half year/year ago ..were NucBlast was selling album 2+3 ..for hm..something aroun
  • indeed :)
  • i coulnd have said it better, my friend.
  • Immolation is maybe the grand champs.
  • Based on your page thats some serious credibility!
  • Looks great mate! Nice find!
  • Deeeeelightful! The chains are awesome it has a very old school look as well. I like it!
  • I love the artwork...now let's see if i like the music...as always flaming for collectors mania
  • And of course you have more of them haha
  • One of the countless bands i know they exist but never listened too...should give it a try now...flaming for collectors
  • Well, indeed...i was surprised haha...did you ever seen them live...i did a couple of times
  • Surprising upload...not my band, but no denying they were revolutionary and up there with Red Hot Chili Peppers...in com
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