Entombed A.D. Patch

Wed, 27/09/2017 - 03:50

Entombed A.D. Patch, Funny story, After the gig I had missed the train and get a taxi to the station I was parked at ($75 later) and the driver was Indian so I made sure these were out of site, Didn't want him to boot me out!! Might trade one if someone needs it.

Not for sale or trade


NISSE666's picture

Very different! I like em!

Nater90's picture

I do to! Had to grab a couple, never seen anyone else post em so I think was an AUS tour exclusive.

Distanz666's picture

They are from a small run.
Also available through facebook groups etc.
Don't remember who made them, though...

Nater90's picture

Ah cool, Cheers man!

DoomBox's picture

Isn't it made by rotten-Zombies.com 'Blessed Are The Patch'? Think they've made it and still sell it there.

Nater90's picture

They made this one;

I'll have a look at mine when I get home for a copyright sticker on the back.

Cimmerian_Howl's picture

I love these patches Nater!

Nater90's picture

Cheers mate!! Such an amazing band, Have you seen em live at all?

Cimmerian_Howl's picture

Unfortunately I have not, also I don't believe they played that tour near me or at least not close enough to make a rational trip.

Nater90's picture

Ah damn, Hope you get the chance!!

Metal Militia's picture

I never saw this one before, looks awesome too, it reminds me a bit of Impaled Nazarene's Ugra-Karma.
Entombed A.D. is great, so much intensity live too.

Nater90's picture

Yeah was my first time seeing it when I seen them live. That it does, Impaled Nazarene kick ass. They were so good can't wait to see em again.

Metal Militia's picture

Yeah me too, i got to see them 3 times by now, the first time it was still Entombed, with Alex, still on the Serpent Saints tour cicle (one of their best albuns imo) the other two times was with the "A.D." line up, and both shows were just as intense as te first one, i could see them all week i would not complain about it!

Nater90's picture

Oh wow that's epic, yeah I love pretty much everything they've released. As A.D. their debut Back To The Front lacked a bit though, felt like they rushed into it.

Metal Militia's picture

Yeah, me too, i liked Back to the Front, but Dead Dawn is a better album imo, too bad they changed their logo for the album's artwork, i like the Back to the Front logo a lot, they still use that logo on their merch too, i bought a t-shirt from them, the last time i saw them on the Dead Dawn tour and it has the Back to the Front logo.

Nater90's picture

Yeah same here.

Ah cool, pretty sure when I seen em it was the Dead Dawn one..

Metal Militia's picture

This is the t-shirt i bought at their show, the last time i saw them:


Nater90's picture

Ah yes I remember looking at it. Doesn't look to bad.

I got this one, got signed poster with same design too


Metal Militia's picture

Cool artwork, must look great as a poster too.

Nater90's picture

Yeah it does, I'll upload some of my Australia tour posters one day, Cheers mate.

Metal Militia's picture

Alright, looking forward to seeing them, cheers \m/

deadlock's picture

Wait, they had patches on the Aus tour?

Nater90's picture

Sure did mate.

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