Cancer-Death shall rise patch for Steve

Mon, 13/11/2017 - 16:02

Update Mon, 13/11/2017 - 16:02The information below is probably incorrect, this item was previously traded/sold.

Our 6th deal?
Anyway,great as always-enjoy my friend!!!

Not for sale or trade
Cancer-Death shall rise patch for Steve


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Awe yeah!!!

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Thought you had this already?

Anyway epic patch for a masterpiece of an album.

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Thanks Nater, yep it's my second one, I never mind how many of it I have :D

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Most welcome, haha thought so ;) I wouldn't either!

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me owning awesome grandma

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Recent Comments

  • Holy sh*t!!!
  • It looks vintage, cool
  • Good work with Maiden and the overall layout of this piece
  • I'll soon have mine, pretty cool design. ONLY TAPE IS REAL!!! XD
  • cheers Doc
  • Joar, denke vieles gibt es nicht mehr, was ansich gut war.
  • I would like one of this!! Black Fast are Amazing!
  • Killer album and shirt. For the fans of Master's Hammer
  • thanks
  • Thanks so much again man ! I got this from a really cool guy in Slovenia sometime ago. It is only one sided.
  • Thanks so much ! Those cassettes are extremely rare !
  • This one is pretty sweet!
  • Ugh... this reminds me of MA's "Extreme Music for Extreme People" patch.
  • Where did you got this sweater and it has something on the back ?
  • Thank you !
  • That picture was taken in Austria (...if I remember correctly?!)