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Mon, 04/12/2017 - 03:41

Tokyo Blade logo original vintage

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  • TOXIK DEATH ! Great vest dude ;-)
  • Agreed
  • Sorry...they sure are what?!
  • Perfect design.
  • Thank you. It's my favorite Behemoth's merch. <3
  • mate this is a killer design, agree with ajnin above, incredible artwork, sounds like a band that knows how to have fun,
  • WIcked piece! Size?
  • Yeah, it's a nice one. I wish there was back patch version
  • Great shirt, great band... still got it?
  • Very nice on grey !! Got the black version of it. Looking for the same design white T- shirt on Crisis Recs .
  • Excellent patch my dude
  • Nice selection mate! That copper bordered Hellhammer is really neat as well.
  • One of the coolest back patches ever made
  • A black metal holocaust! Thanks for the flames
  • Einfach nur Geil !!!
  • I know. I have the red version which I like... but green is my favourite.


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