Anthrax Judge Dredd BP- For Swap/Sale

AussieheadbangerFri, 18/11/2011 - 05:13

Anthrax Judge Dredd BP- For Swap/Sale

Sale or Trade



The one and only Anthrax album (and song :D)


I have two, I want to sell or trade this one.


That's cool!
You might want to have a look at this. Maybe there's something you want.


Thanks dude!


awesome back patch \m/


Woah, nice man! Would you consider trading this one for a Death Angel-The Ultra-Violence backpatch at all man?


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Recent Comments

  • I didn't notice when i was organizing the cds so anyway, apart from being a metalhead i love 60s rock music and cla
  • Ja, finde ich absolut auch! Die Scheibe ist auch wieder ziemlich genial geworden.
  • Endless flames!!!!!!
  • Well, i have a lotta faves like the Darkthrone albums, Emperor ones and the Sargeist demo.
  • No it doesn't, it really doesn't... Damn you! I'm not talking to you anymore!;-)
  • Well it honestly looks like he does n o t hold this album too dear :D
  • Edit 2: I must admit I cringe a litte inside now seeing Beavis "rock out" next to the 2112 patch, an album I h
  • Starkes Teil!
  • Thanks for the recommendation!
  • Great stuff.
  • Wicked collection, Must have Death Metal albums/bands.
  • Edit: I also like the combination of patches you posted, but again they would rob me of too much precious band space.
  • Killer looking vest with great bands on it. Especially love the Incantation/Excoriate combo on the back!
  • Simply beautiful.
  • yeah! Ts rule!
  • :-) You're not so transparent, but I anticipated and understand your vision regarding fun patches for the full 100

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