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Accept Udo with flying Vs back patch

Sat, 02/07/2022 - 14:57

Vintage Accept back patch with a brilliant design featuring Udo holding a pair of the band's iconic flying Vs and the lion's head logo pairing. I'd say that this one is a Restless and Wild back patch considering the flying Vs in flame design that the album has is expanded here with Udo carrying the guitars in front of the colours of the fire. Also, Udo has short hair, which means it is most likely after Breaker. I've loved this patch from the moment I saw it, and I'm delighted to finally lay my hands on one! The I'm a Rebel back patch is the only other Accept one to challenge this in my opinion, but you can't go wrong with either. Koolg71 coming through with a brilliant trade as always!

Not for sale or trade
Accept Udo with flying Vs back patch
Accept Udo with flying Vs back patch

Knightwhosayni's picture

Congrats! And well done with the dating - more accurate than the one I had thought of when I first listed this beauty.

Cardboardcity's picture

Thank you, this ranks highly among the patches I was most glad to receive! Thanks also for the kind words on the dating - yours was a good guess and I only came to the Restless and Wild conclusion after sitting down with the vinyl again.

Mastercutor's picture

Awesome piece! 🎸🔥🎸
You're definitely onto something. Short hair, suspenders and what is probably a camo t-shirt, would all suggest that it was made after Udo's image change. Allegedly, Deaffy told him that short hair actually looked better on him. She maybe even talked him into getting that haircut. Nowadays, the official story has changed, though, and they say, Udo himself does, too, that the management wanted to do something different with the band's image, they somehow ended up in a military store, Udo was reluctant to get his hair cut, yada-yada...
My guess on the time this was made would be somewhere between Breaker and R&W, since during/after R&W came the time they began to phase out the lion-head theme on their merch.
Brilliant design AND great condition!

Cardboardcity's picture

Thank you, there are some great Accept back patches and this one is chief among them! 🔥 That's essentially the same reasoning that I used since R&W is the last album to feature the lion logo and Udo still had his long hair for shows in 81 such as the Solothurn Rock Fest in August. Ha, it's interesting to think about the two different stories as neither make the band sound like they are in charge of their image!

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