DEATH - tour

Sat, 07/01/2012 - 18:30
Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - DEATH - tour



Awesome flyer..


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Recent Comments

  • awwwww, but they're your boys from Sweden!!
  • That's the spirit!!!! Got Dead Kennedy's stuck in my head now!
  • You got that right bro :D
  • What are these doing on TSS? Let's keep it metal, yeah?
  • Love that Faith no More patch.
  • Can't stand the band itself. But this edition looks really impressive.
  • Hi, yes, this is still available, but it's pretty bad mexican quality ;)
  • yeah, artwork is sick! oh nice! managed to get converted yet?!?!
  • is the infester patch woven?
  • this is a horrible bootleg, look at how the letters are formed!!!
  • It takes one to know one mate :)
  • Classics \m/
  • Yeah, me too. SLAYER ÜBER ALLES!!!
  • Epic!!!! My in need of this. Fukin awesome
  • Agreed......not metal at all!!!!
  • Nice and simple, a bit too simple maybe, but sometimes I like shirts that's not too "out there".

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