DEATH - tour

dana_gollIs a TShirtSlayer supporter!
Sat, 07/01/2012 - 18:30
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Other Collectable - DEATH - tour



Awesome flyer..


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Recent Comments

  • It would be great to have son SV stuff but those longboxes are NOT the real deal man
  • yeap
  • Yeah! I'm in Denton, can we go through eBay? ( BrumasElite )
  • Cool don't see why this is in actionshots though. should be collectors!!!
  • I've been debating about schleping my way there to see Vektor and thought about it for Razor but I doubt it'll
  • Really awesome
  • great shit
  • Thanks mate,totally agree !!
  • Fucking insane!
  • It's a great print for sure
  • Killer shirt!!
  • Cool shirt! There's an interview with this band in the first issue of my newest zine acquisition.
  • Im very happy i said fuck it and went, it was an insane show i wont soon forget.
  • Amazing, they were very tight as a band and the drummer played vinny daze's beats only, he killed that shit.
  • Most welcome mate! Ah fuck...I just saw a Saint Vitus - Heavier Than Thou brand new on eBay if you're interested.
  • Thanks man, there is more from this came from, the refolding process is a bitch

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