Ravishing Grimness
Sun, 15/03/2015 - 13:39

Button collection

Mayhem, Watain, VON, Morbid ,Archgoat, ShininG, Gorgoroth ,Endstille, Urgehal, Moonblood, Koldbrann, 1349, Darkthrone, Taake, Emperor, Beherit, Beherit

Sale only


Ravishing Grimness

The ShininG, Taake, Abyssic Hate,Watain Gorgoroth buttons are sold!


jesus fucking christ that Bathory pin in the last photo is a sight to behold

Ravishing Grimness

Thanks alot.Selling this gem as well.since it is a really rare item, the price is to be discussed.

Ravishing Grimness

Also, there was interest in the Mayhem pin...could the interested reply back to me asap?

Chapel of Ghouls

Metal pin from Mayhem, still available?


Hi, Mayhem pin was part of Grand Declaration of War BOX? If so, I'd buy it.

Ravishing Grimness

On the top :P

Ravishing Grimness

Yea'it was part of the boxset, heard different stories from Discogs that sometimes stuff is missing..in this case it is totally complete.


is bathory gone?

Ravishing Grimness

No, not at all...


You still have the Von pin?

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Recent Comments

  • Killer !!!!!!!!! I have the short sleeve. Never seen the long sleeve before.
  • Awesome bootleg!
  • Thanks mate! It's one of my favourite albums, shame about the fit.
  • Artwork is awesome.
  • Remember going to that concert.
  • Killer shirt, I have five versions of this shirt all of them original but Im missing this one, looks really nice
  • Great shirt for a great album!
  • This shirt is greeeeeat, I have it too /,,/
  • Archgoat BP, Benediction patch, Megaslaughter, Venom GONE!
  • Really cool
  • This is awesome. Are you you don't want to sell this one? Haha
  • Very nice find mate.
  • One can work up a sweat shoveling snow.
  • That's a really nice vest
  • Thanks DoctorDeath - they were amazing live!!
  • Killer, saw them recently in Brisbane.....


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