What happened to down with the most high?

Mon, 13/02/2017 - 00:15

Does anyone know? Website has been down and thier Facebook hasn't been updated in a long time

Overactive Imagination

I don't understand your question


Are they still active? Did they go out of business? Do they have a new label?

Chemical Burn

I don't know but there is (or was) a guy on here who knows the labels owner. Can't remember his name but I'll try to find him when I'm not on mobile.


Cool, I appreciate it, I was always a dan of thier label and especially thier patches


Haven't seen or spoken to him in a few years. He used to be very busy with his family business so maybe that started taking up too much of his time. Used to have his phone number but lost it when switching phones.

our birthday TSS 10th Birthday is coming in


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  • i think real not boot!
  • The infamous Thai boot on the Knits, size M
  • thanks man. yeah I cant stand jackets with many patches you know what i mean. I get crazy when it comes to patches.
  • Complete fake.
  • Are they all woven/embroidered. Might buy one off a guy and just wanted to make sure it wasn't a printed patch
  • Very nice, man! I'm the same way with battlejackets "less is more" concept.
  • Nice.
  • Good combination!
  • Wow!!!! I'd say a bootleg.....but a fuckin awesome one. Incredible!!!! Wish I had one!!!!!!!
  • I'm not so much into white shirts but this one looks killer!!
  • Great t-shirt, my favourite album cover for Domination \m/
  • Im sure it does, do you know the Vinyl artwork is different? I actually like the vinyl artwork better, than the cd versi
  • They put on a good show. Cheers!
  • Will do, I've done a massive update as far as more patches go, I'll upload it here as soon as I get my hands o
  • Thanks man originally I wasn't too sure about it, but it's sort of grown on me
  • Ah so you're the one who bought it right out from under me eh?


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