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UPDATE: bad_american goes to Italy!

Tue, 04/06/2024 - 16:32

Well my Oktoberfest trip got cancelled because people wanted to invest in Bitcoin instead of buying their flights... dumb decsion but whatever. So as a result I am heading to Italy instead! This will the first two weeks of January 2025, and we are gonna be in the Florence / Siena / Rome area for the most part (and the possibility of going to Switzerland / Austria for a day or so). Any members here in those areas know of shows, record stores, or metal themed bars that would be worth attending? Let's link up and rock! Ci vediamo lì!

DeSelby13's picture

Following. Headed to Italy & Greece next week and going to try to hit up some metal stores/bars.

primordial_hordes's picture

Where in Greece mate?

DeSelby13's picture

Athens mainly and doing some driving around the Corinth sea. Only there for
a few days.

MrMunster's picture

Hey M.,

best wishes from Luino, Lago Maggiore in Italy!

STay nEgatiVE

bad_american1992's picture

Taking a Type O Vacation! Hahaha. Hope you're chillin lakeside with your cassette player my man \m/

MrMunster's picture

Hey brother in blood .... of course, in my vacation only CARNIVORE!! All the best for YOU!!

meaningless's picture

....i have read AUSTRIA.... hehehehehe....

Well..im not far away of Italy..but to far anyway to meet ya in Rome (for example) ..sorry ;-) but....in case u come closer or cross Austria (im very south - very close to italy border btw ;-) ) .....we keep in touch!!

bad_american1992's picture

I really want to go to Austria, some of the guys in my group want to get up there as well so I will definitely keep you posted Mr. Meaningless. Put our filthy minds together for a day XD

Antonio's picture

Holidays in Italy, Switzerland and Austria? Good choice !

bad_american1992's picture

Call me Mr. World Wide hahaha

Nuclear Bear's picture

To everyone going to Rome, I suggest Acerecords and Pink moon record shops, really good selection and true metal record shops!

bad_american1992's picture

Appreciate the tip man! I'll definitely add those to my hit-list.

Grimlord's picture

you gotta hit up Outsider Metal Shop in Olten Switzerland

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