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Sepultura + Scared Reich + Crowbar

Venom Princess
Fri, 30/09/2022 - 11:03

Sepultura + Scared Reich + Crowbar gig at
KK's Steel Mill Wolverhampton.

Dan's picture

Sepultura has not been worth the effort since Roots.
Seen them on that tour and got disappointed as fuck (since it was my first live gig ever).
Apologies for being a cunt, just trying to prevent people eating baked beans by visiting a once great band and spending money on that when energy bills are sky - fuckin' high.

Venom Princess's picture

No worries, I know where your coming from with the energy bills thing.

Dan's picture

An elaboration on my previous rant is in place.
Friend of mine bought me a ticket on my 15th birthday which was back in '96.
That was my first live gig and expectations were high.
What I remember was a bloody awfull shit band that performed longer than Sepultura did, which was not even 45 minutes and lackluster to say the least.
Shorly after that Max left.
Sepultura died there for me in Rotterdam.Chaos AD was regarded by many a shit album, but for me a huge record I loved dearly.
Roots just was a goddamn disappointment following that.
My Teen idols died with Roots and the aforementioned shit tour.

Perhaps I am an olde bloke rambling of times gone by and sourly missed.
Sepultura without hippy - drippie hipster soulfly fruitcake Max is not Sepultura for me.

It's like Naglfar without Rydén, Endstille without fucking Iblis.
Sometimes, vocalists departing means there's boots to fill...rarely ending good.

Exception = Mortuus with Marduk (eventhough Legion was a killer vocalist before that) but that went well.
Or Arch Enemy with Liiva and Gossow who were both ok....but that stupid pre-teen-goth haired asshate of a SpiceGuurl wannabe killed off the band....totally...


andermatten's picture

well, have you listened to any sepultura albums since 1996 though?

only album I ever listened to admittedly was arise, so obviously I have no idea anyway. and I fully understand you, I had a similar experience with bolt thrower. probably the main reason I loved bolt thrower was andy whale, especially on war master. with martin kearns, bolt thrower was a different band to me. hence my joy at memoriam.

reason I'm talking at all really is because sepultura is playing around here in a couple of weeks and I'm wondering whether I should go or not. I'll certainly listen to chaos ad first (thank you for that) as well as a few later/newer songs. I'm hopeful they might play a couple of older songs and when might I otherwise ever get to hear dead enbryonic cells live? but yes, if they sound like shia labeouf in indiana jones 4 I might abstain.

sandmanforce's picture

I wish there will be a great tour with nice bands!

Venom Princess's picture

It was a great night and i enjoyed all 3 bands.

David Dynamite's picture

Amazing gig in Switzerland, I specially enjoyed the Sacred Reich one!

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