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SCAMMER ALERT: shay Elimelech from israel

Wed, 26/08/2015 - 15:38

Makes me hold a Bp for him for over a month, then "pays" me... Misreads my message and thinks I've sent the patch and then immediately retracts his PayPal payment... When I ask him what's going on he blocks me...
Shay, if you read this.....I HOPE YOU DIE.

no deals anymore for this piece of shit !!

zmanzman1's picture

I've heard about this guy many times. What a fucking poser. Scamming his fellow metalheads, he's a disgrace to metal.
His facebook > https://www.facebook.com/shay.elimelech?fref=ts
Where he lives:
shay elimelech
keren hayesod 16/10
59625 bat-yam

R.J.'s picture

He made an order from me through my shop a few months ago. Claimed he never received the items and ended up getting his money back through a PayPal claim, despite me sending ample evidence that he is a known ripoff. I guess all PayPal cares about is proof of delivery. Not sure how they allow him to keep making claims, but I wish I had known about his reputation before fulfilling his order.

Thiellus's picture

So this guy purchases an item, receives said item, then files a claim that i was never delivered and gets his money back? How does he get around the delivery confirmation proving that the item was delivered?

Nater90's picture

What a fuckstain.

Thanks for the heads up all \m/

AbysmalWind's picture


Sickness man... I warned you all about this brat not long ago...and you clearly read the topic...as if evidences of his scamming addiction were not enough..

Once a scammer is reported, don't buy or trade with him, even if you avoid the scamming for once, you're feeding a troll....

AbysmalWind's picture

Search on facebook: Shay Elimelech is a rip off

nameless_rites's picture

He's back on eBay with a new account:amon7065-6. Tried to make a big order but I recognized the name. Kept messaging me over and over after I ignored him, thanks TSS for spreading the word on scammers!

nameless_rites's picture

I actually think he's somewhat unhinged in the brain, he's messaged me every few hours for the past several days asking why I'm not answering etc like some stalker ex

troops_of_tommorow's picture

this dude scammed me too
fuckin dickhead

Superion Collective's picture

He almost got me once, but luckily thanks to threads like this one on various forums and on Facebook I recognized his name and cancelled the deal. AVOID! Spread his name until he is black-listed everywhere!

Starside-Relics's picture

I know I'm a little late to the party here but he just burned me for 20 bucks from my online shop haha, fuck I shoulda googled his name first

Odradek's picture

7 years later and he's still scamming people...

no karate in pit's picture

sounds like a shithead

no karate in pit's picture

hope he burns in hell

Ancestryofthelake's picture

I’m very thankful you all made this thread. Had an order from him come through my shop and it seemed sketchy. I ended up cancelling this order after seeing.

karmadh6's picture

he's STILL around scamming people? wow haha

AbysmalWind's picture

Can't believe he hasn't had his head bashed against a wall yet...

N.B.'s picture

How are people still falling for him?
He's been a notorious scammer for years. Everyone should be knowing him by now...

MortalFate's picture

People like him are logical proof there's life after death. Man has to get his due somewhere, if all is fair in the end.

Abgor's picture

I met him years ago on Discogs (he is still active under the name Blood_fire_death_666) where he asked me for photos of a Bathory bootleg... I sent him the photos but later i discovered that he had published these photos on his Facebook profile saying it was his vinyl (which he hadn't bought). what a poser

Antichrist-Germany's picture

Beware of this shit-head - he also tried to scam some friends of mine and got blocked on all their social media profiles for trying to scam and stalk (this is always a typical behaviour for him - to send 10 mails a day I heard). I hope he will be 6 Feet under soon for his Rip off activity - if You read this Shay: go pushin' Daisis, You piece of sh*it!

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