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possible scammer alert - Not Kvlt Records

Thu, 24/09/2020 - 23:22

Just gettin the word out about a likely scammer, think we got another Blake Judd type. Usual shit: I ordered a shirt back in March, he never shipped, I sent a couple emails he never responds to, 6 months pass and I open a PayPal claim, he never responds to that either, they rule in my favor and I get a full refund. Seen a few posts on his social media accts about people not receiving their items and have yet to see a picture of the actual item I ordered so as far as I can tell it was never printed. Not sure why the guy would try to run a scam over Paypal but clearly we're not dealing with a genius. He just put up a Lamp of Murmuur preorder too. Beware!


SCURVY's picture

So no matter what as long as you send money through paypal you can request a refund? Or is only when you Purchase through paypal? Like I met this guy who prints bootlegs and he is in Colombia and charges $50 for the initial package and then shirts are $20 a piece. I am so tempted to do it but if it don't work I want to know if I'd get my money back.

schönheit-der-natur's picture

You are not eligable for "refunds" when you used the option to pay via "Friends and Family".

SCURVY's picture

But the other option is totally refundable if my items never show and I get ghosted, correct?

schönheit-der-natur's picture

as far as i know, yes.

Allpathsendthesame's picture

On Paypal, you have 180 days from the time of purchase to open a dispute with the seller.

Only had to do it twice myself. Both times Paypal sided with me because I was able to show an honest attempt at resolving the issue before opening a dispute. Scammers don't even tend to respond to the disputes though. Too much effort.

SCURVY's picture

I’ve been wondering who looses out though? Paypal? Or does PayPal get their card service involved? I wonder how that works.

Allpathsendthesame's picture

Yeah I don't understand the exact details but their equivalent of card services gets involved and they'll go after the seller. PayPal does ban people from the platform. Ultimately the seller loses.

Buyers abuse this system sometimes too. I've heard they will not take complaints seriously if you make too many in too short of time. Don't know how true that is though.

SCURVY's picture

I wonder if the dispute refund still works if it is a money transfer out of the country? Like If I send a guy in Colombia $128 to print me 3 long sleeve shirts. He doesnt send me the shirts, I can open a dispute and it will get resolved, no matter where they are located, right? I ask this because I am literally about to do this. Buy 3 shirts I mean.

Sherwood_420_84's picture

Look out for southerncrossripper..... sent him funds for a pantera patch to put on my mom's battle vest that she is going to be buried in and they never sent the patch. Nor do they ever reply when I message them.

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