photo too small?

Sun, 03/09/2017 - 17:16

I keep getting errors about photos being too small, yet all of them are the exact same size taken from an iphone and some will upload, but others won't. I don't own a camera phone or a camera for that matter, so I had to borrow one to take pics of my stuff... now the majority of my photos won't even upload?

any ideas how to rectify this problem please? thanks. there's no way they are too small as all the pics are the same size exactly, it's just picking and choosing what is too small and what isn't

EDIT: I just don't get how they can be of different sizes when they were all taken from the same device in the exact same way.


can I edit them to make them bigger or something?


can you email me the photos to doctordeath@tshirtslayer.com and i'll see wht the problem is... no one else has complained but hmmm i'm curious, please email


they probably are just too small, I'm just unfamiliar with camera phones. I'm going to get my GF to try again in the morning, if the problem still persists I will contact you.

thanks dude.

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