How Do You Guys Sew? Patches, BP's, Ect..

Sat, 30/09/2017 - 20:58

Im Very Curious To Hear How You Guys Prefer To Sew Patches, Sounds Like A Good Topic To Me!


My mother did the initial sewing. Then I heated them up with an iron. She has passed since then and I added a few new ones. I handsewed and hit it with heatbond. Though for the pocket applications I heat bonded with "strategic" hand sewing. Oh yeah i paid a tailor to put a few on too. Like 5 bucks each. They don't do the tricky ones like mount more than six inches down the sleeve or on a pocket panel without sewing it shut.


I am curious too.. I mean I guess it depends on the material really but leather seems quite tricky to me!

satan's radish

I don't "prefer" it, but I sew everything by hand, as it's the most simple (though tedious and time-consuming) method for me. I use a crude combination of line stitching, back stitching and overcast stitching. I try to make the stitching as inconspicuous as possible most of the time.


I line up the patch where I want it and put pins in it to make sure it stays level. Then I just sew using black thread doubled up. I try to use small stitches so it stays on more securely. I have a multicolored Scream Bloody Gore patch that I did use more than one color of thread for, though.


I've always hand sewn mine (using a blanket stitch) from day one, but recently I've gotten my mother in law to repair the patches that are falling off with the sewing machine instead. I think if you're handy with one that is definitely the way to go rather than sewing by hand because they're a lot more secure, unless you're some expert sewer in which case both work as well I guess. I've had no problems since especially with things I've added extra like zips and pockets on the interior. So yeah, sewing machine for the win

Corvus Corax

It depends on what type of patch. If it's a canvas patch, I use a standard stitch to get it in-place, then go back over it with a back-stitch which keeps the patch secure and allows the patch to fray naturally without it falling-off. If it's embroidered; standard stitch. All by hand. Because I don't own a sewing machine but, I'd probably still do it by hand if I did.


I always sew by hand.
As yarn I use one what's made to sew on buttons.
It's stronger than normal yarn.


I sew by hand because I don't have a sewing machine and know almost nothing about sewing. Its a tedious and sometimes painful process but the finish product is worth it. As for attaching patches I don't use yarn, I think it might be fishing wire...? I never once had a patch come off or loosen up.


I sew by hand, I used to use thread but now i've been using floss. It's a lot easier to sew with and looks cooler imo. Sometimes I use pins depending on how large the patch is.

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