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Bullet Belts, What's your thoughts?

Heavy Metal Marc
Thu, 09/12/2021 - 23:11

Article in question: https://toiletovhell.com/ban-bullet-belts/

I was recently considering getting a bullet belt, and I came across an article talking about how bullet belts are for "posers". Now this article hasn't influenced my veiw on bullet belts, my only issue is the price. This just got me wondering what others think about this, I couldn't tell if this was a shitpost or not.

Other than this, hope everyone has a great time!

Heavy Metal Marc

bucci's picture

i have one, and to be honest i don’t care to wear it. If i do wear it it always looks goofy and kinda tacky. that’s just me

bad_american1992's picture

This article reminds me of back in 2018 when all these "metal websites" had these totally lame op-eds (i think the fat guy on Metal Injection/Metal Sucks was the worse offender). Any article like this belongs in the rubbish bin and the author needs step away from his computer and go ride a bike.
RE: bullet belts. You'll probably look like a nutter to the non-metal crowd, but at a concert or hangout people will think you are cool.

oldmate's picture

I like them. Dont have one. Read the first few lines of that article and stopped. The only opinion that matters is yours

Mastercutor's picture

Same here. Like them, don't wear them. But it's obviously a big part of the esthetic, due to the older bands setting it as a kind of a standard, and it wouldn't be out of place at a gig/festival or even when one hangs out with fellow metalheads.
When it comes to the price - just look for second hand stuff. People find that they don't wear them as often and sell them quite frequently.
For those who find bullet belts too impractical, consider sewing non-active ammo on your battle jacket (according to your local laws, of course 😊) or just wear one of these: https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/destruction-bullet-belts-t...

Thane's picture

Well, loads of the article does seem like satire so I'd take it with a grain of salt. That being said, who gives a fuck if you wear one or not. Wear what you want, do what you want to make yourself happy and don't worry about other people. I don't wear them but that's a personal style choice. I may get one someday but for now I'll take my seatbelt buckle style belts with Majora's Mask or Pokemon shit on them

Heavy Metal Marc's picture

The fact that they're Majora's Mask and Pokémon automatically make them awesome!

Thane's picture

I love them, also have a classic Mario Bros one.

MortalFate's picture

Bullet belts don't go well with gray hair.

Metalmate's picture

This comment made my day. Thank you.

MortalFate's picture

You're welcome! It's true. Am loaded on gray hair now.

Dan's picture

Made me chuckle ;) And so true.

Reinhardt's picture

TL;DR but the start seemed ordinary garbage click bait shit.

Arch_Caligula's picture

I remember reading that article. I know it's satire but it's written in a way that makes me think the person is retarded. It's that pompous, self absorbed "I'm smarter and cooler than other metalheads because I think the classic stuff is STUPID and they're the real posers and I'm SMART for not being like them!" tone that I hate. It's the same mouth breathers that think they're cool for calling vests and leather jackets lame. Fuck em.
As for the question, I've thought they always look cool. When I was first getting into metal and looking at band pictures they always stuck out to me as really cool (probably cause I've always been interested in guns). I remember seeing Sentence of Death by Destruction for the first time and thinking "holy shit this is awesome".
Now one thing to keep in mind is reactions you can possibly get. Now, most people actively do not give a shit about the shirt you're wearing or your jacket, but wearing cartridge links from a machine gun could be a problem depending on where you live (probably moreso in the US and Canada). While I personally have never gotten shit for mine, I've heard stories of people getting harassed by law enforcement or others for it. It all depends on the area you're in. I would really avoid wearing one in a school or bank, but anywhere else is fair game. I've only been asked to take it off at one show (House of Blues in Cleveland) and it wasn't because it was bullets it was because it was a large heavy piece of metal that could be a bludgeon. I guess just don't wear a trench coat with it and you'll be fine.

Mastercutor's picture


Destruction, Venom, Motörhead and other great old school bands who popularized bullet belts were always seen as cool looking and fitting the esthetic/nature of the music they played.
The law is one thing, and there are illogical laws in many countries regarding many things ranging back 60+ years with no thought put into them later in time, but that closemindedness of some people is a whole other thing in itself. As long as we don't bash anybody with our bullet belts, there shouldn't really be any need for discussion like this. The bludgeon argument seems reasonable. Although it might seem to some as somewhat close to long spikes being banned in some places. Which also isn't without its merit.
In my humble opinion, it's something that was originally done for attention and shock, like so many things before and after that. And guess what? It caught on and became a thing. Nothing more, nothing less.
Trying to ban them, even in a satire way, might come off as butthurt as it gets...

One more thing about the price that OP mentioned. If you can somehow get an empty one, it might be cheaper to fill it up yourself - again, depending on the country you live in.

Heavy Metal Marc's picture

I definitely get the bludgeoning point😂

The one I was considering was just the shells I saw in an antique store, but their WWII MG42 rounds which costs a pretty penny. If I don't get it for Christmas (which I doubt I will) I'll probably get something online that's similar. But you guys really raised some awesome points!

MelFromHell's picture

I never even considered that part of the argument. I lived in London when I wore mine and had absolutely no problems at gig or from the law ever. But London is full of maniacs and freaks wearing all sorts of shit so I dunno.. probably not a huge deal in such a place

UnsafeAtAnySpeed's picture

They're cool. They tie a jacket togheter nicely, so much that i think it looks weird to see a guy in a vest with no bullets nowadays. But yes, a crack addiction is cheaper than a bullet belt. And if you're a fat guy like me who needs two belts to go around your disgusting fat body, then you're looking at over a 160$.

Pull the Pizza's picture

metal devastation used to sell $38 dollar bullet belts, should've got one. Now they are like $70. Def should've got one

Dan's picture

Used to wear 'em when I aeons ago when I was younger.
Over here some venues did not allow them in and actually had to walk home to drop the belt before a gig several times.

MelFromHell's picture

Haha man I remember wearing my bullet belt and kutte just food shopping, I thought I was too cool and no one could touch me. With the spare bullets I wore them on my upper arm and now I have a couple of tiny little scars there barely visible from those good old days because of this stupid band on my upper arm.

Anyway if you wear them, in every day life like I did (which is maybe a bit over the top), or just at shows or around mates should be fine, a matter of personal taste and to be enjoyed.

alexandrewotan's picture

I really like it, I wanted to buy some decent ones to bring to Brazil, here I can only find some very rubbish replicas. If someone wants to send, paid by pay pal

allthesemonsterkids's picture

If it's good enough for Sarcofago ...

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