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bay area metal head dateing

Sun, 07/08/2022 - 22:39

Im looking for a attractive female metal head to date in the bay area cali if your down to be my plus one then hit me up 5102166680 long time metal head from the bay area here and tattooist i know lots of bands and been a real old school part of the metal sceene thats me on the machine head take my scars albulm covedr

morke's picture


slayerslayer's picture

nice nipples!

oldmate's picture

HAHAHA !! free the nipple !

Kriegaz's picture

My brother in cringe, not posting this was free.

Into Glory Ride's picture


bad_american1992's picture

Let's Fuck

oldmate's picture

i'm down !

hopeiw's picture

I only like guys who can spell correctly and who have a reasonable grasp of English grammar, sorry!

oldmate's picture

but I love you long time !

Brendon's picture

I am attractive female ready for hot sex

bad_american1992's picture

Oh hey.....

Brendon's picture

We make smush?

bad_american1992's picture

You gotta buy me dinner first ;)

Into Glory Ride's picture


Into Glory Ride's picture

The "I know lots of bands" is the best part. As if this would automatically lead to a woman moaning "Oh wow! Really?", ripping her shirt off and throw herself at you. Brillant.

AbysmalWind's picture

Hahah yeah there must be a parallel universe where female metalheads get wet upon hearing that. Fortunately, in our world that's the equivalent of "I'm fucking old and probably rather deaf". Serious contender for the cringe olympics here, lol

Into Glory Ride's picture

Hahahaha, "Cringe Olympics"

AbysmalWind's picture

Non-native English speakers in 2022: "I hereby apologize should I commit any grammar mistakes or typos given that English isn't my first language"

Native English speakers in 2022: Don't wory! Your doing great! You could of used better words irregardless of you're level but learning a language takes it's time!

hopeiw's picture


AbysmalWind's picture

It seems you eluded the sarcasm lol

samael6666's picture

Came here to say your profile pic made me snort my choccy milk

AbysmalWind's picture

She does snort as well. Her slugs ain't any chocolatey tho

NocturnalDeath's picture

What in tarnation

Ó-J's picture

What an absolute stud. I wish you all the best luck in your love quest, king.

MortalFate's picture

How's this quest for lust, I mean love working out?

Reinhardt's picture

Hot metal milfs in your area

frankie530's picture


dsubjectm's picture

dude's from oakland

Komplott's picture

So your favorite album ever is "seasons in the abis" eh

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