WIP vest

Sun, 15/04/2018 - 17:54

This is my first jacket which I've been working on for a year and a half now (with lengthy breaks in between). I've never been satisfied with the layout so I've torn it down multiple times. This is a WIP of course, there's still lots to be done but I figured it's about time I uploaded some pictures. The back is a mess and I can't sew for shit, I think I'll re-do it soon. I've since started another, more "dirty"/Speed Metal/Satan-themed jacket that I'll probably post in a couple of decades.

Not for sale or trade
WIP vest
WIP vest


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  • Hell cool shirt \m/
  • Awesome jersey!
  • It's the OG shirt from 1997.
  • Same here, I've looked for a M for years and nothing.
  • Is this self-made? Looks great.
  • I am a great fan of Gehenna first 3 albums.After that they changed drastically,for the worst i must say.I am not the onl
  • Thanks, this is nice one indeed!
  • In a few comments you guys mentioned superb musicians. BTW, the only Death Metal release of Gehenna is Malice.
  • Fuckin' awesome album ! ! ! ! ! \m/
  • You are right there mate! When you see the detail on this print, the later versions look like bootlegs.
  • This is really outstanding!!!!
  • Looks fun!
  • Ye its on a different stock than the paper thin shirts they used to print. Nice one chap..
  • Thanks! Loving the t-shirt they made for the UK-leg!
  • Thanks, sure was!!
  • Thanks dude!
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