Punk/Metal Battle Jacket

aqhexenMon, 24/05/2010 - 08:09

A work in progress. More black 77 cones being added to cover the empty space on the back this summer. Haven't decided what i want to do with the front yet, purposely didn't put patches over the breast or hand pockets simply because my wife sews my patches on (yeah!!) with a sewing machine and it's too tough to do without sewing them shut. I like to have them functional. Inside pockets perfect for concealing .5 pints.

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vestback 001.jpg


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got sdome good bandson there. Personally like the celtic frost, bathory, hell hammer, and black flag ones. keep up the good work!

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haha saw you at shaxul last week, nice vest!

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ha! That's a good little shop. his prices can be a little high at times, but he gets a lot of oop death metal tapes in that amoeba would never have.

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Nice! But for not having a (real) backpatch, the back is still a bit empty, the patches look quite... lost. Nice work with the studs, but I'm glad not to meet you in the pit! ;)

Love the big CF-backpatch, I just sewed it on the back of my denim jacket* last week!

*still (and forever) with sleeves, and don't want to fill it with patches...

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To the front: I think some patches over the hand pocket area would be good. If you use a sewing machine, you could just remove the pockets on the inside of the vest (only the seam of fissure of how it's called which is next to the middle of the vest, not the whole pocket), sew the patch on and then sew the pocket on again? Shouldn't take too long with the machine.

And on the upper pockets, you could just use iron-on patches (there's also some stuff BTW which you can iron on the patch and then iron the patch on the jacket, some kind of double-sided tape for clothing).

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Thanks to CryptKeeper for the tip on taking 1/2 the pocket off in order to get to the area. Been trying with my shit little brain to figure out how I was going to tackle that problem. Need to fill the space on the front with patches, but still wanted the pockets to function.

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yeah, now that its said it seems like common sense.

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I did not have much luck trying to remove the inside pockets. So I gave up on that. But I did get a curved needle and that made it pretty easy to leave the inside pocket on and still get things sewed on.

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Hope it works well, I didn't do it like this but sewed everything with my hands, this way it's not that much of a problem not to close the pockets (though it can be quite annoying work, especially in the edge areas...).

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Those studs look awesome! And very nice patches, especially that Horna patch.

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You have some great patches, but sorry your satanic warmaster patch looks realy shit, look at my leather jacket this is the offical band patch.

Violence is Fashion, any Murder is Art

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Love that Celtic patch, I have one myself :D All other patches also very nice and I like the studs.

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punk/metal i only see one punk band , sick celtic frost backpatch and the studs look cool

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Coming along nicely, where'd you find the havohej patch?


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