Pin and patch Update !

Wed, 16/08/2017 - 16:12

i added 3 pins in front and used glue inside surface after put it on i also wanted my tailor small leather pieces to sew inside where pin lockers located to make it strengthen and avoid fall (please check 3rd image) , now it sounds like bell ;) i also cut nifelheim patch to make it better and added midnight strip patch ( ltd. 100) on back

Not for sale or trade
Pin and patch Update !
Pin and patch Update !
Pin and patch Update !


Isaac Chroner's picture

This is really awesome!

Rayearth's picture

ty :)

Atomicide's picture

looks even better than before ^^
that Midnight stripe is awesome, I have the some one. Black border > red border in this case as it complements your Venom stripe.

Rayearth's picture

Ye black better for this vest , ty mate

chainsawrentalshop's picture

Looks cool.
Great idea to fix the pin lockers!
I drilled small holes in my pins and sewed them on;-)

Rayearth's picture

haha that is also good idea :)

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Nater90's picture

Nice update man, That Midnight strip is epic.

Rayearth's picture

Ty man

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  • It does, thanks man!
  • Couldn’t agree more mate
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