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Metallica my battle jacket

Wed, 17/03/2010 - 09:30

I finally got my backpatch in the mail :P

this issn't the most recent pic, I have 2 more Iron maiden, 1 King Diamond, 1 metallica and 1 Korpiklaani patch attached later, at the sides of the backpatch

and the front will be changed when I got the time

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2010
In Group: Old School Cool
voorkant, gaat wss nog veranderen.jpeg
achterkant, eindelijk backpatch.jpeg

ManOboy's picture

other than the slipknot patch, your jacket is pretty sweet. good work.

uitSCHOT-NL's picture

well, some like slipknot, others don't :P

tnx for the reply

Goddes of Desire's picture

Where did you got that Unox patch? xD funny patch!

uitSCHOT-NL's picture

zat op zo'n paar unox handschoenen die je paar jaar geleden gratis kreeg, gwn paar draadjes doorgeknipt en derop geplakt :P

HeathenThrone's picture

Love the update man, the vest looks absolutely awesome! And if you ever need someone to donate that Heidevolk patch too you know who to call ;)

uitSCHOT-NL's picture

I don't know where you live but I think goddess of desire (just search google for the mailorder site) delivers alover the world, I got it from them

CryptKeeper's picture

Really great backpatch. And cool vest overall, only what is left of the sleeves has to "age" a it!

uitSCHOT-NL's picture

yeah, still working on the sleeves, but it was only 2 months that I cut the sleeves off, but with a little patience and moshing it will work out (A)

PowerThrashingDeath's picture

DIe Unox patch is gewoon te goed :D
Waar rook is.. is worst! :D

Manu Toxik Waste's picture

nice jacket!

tihana wrath amon's picture

nice work well done

ShieldbitersValhalla's picture

Awesome Heidevolk, Korpiklaani, Amon Amarth, King Diamond patches!

MetalxThrasher's picture

Where did you get your Slipknot patch? I've been looking for it everywhere

uitSCHOT-NL's picture

Homicide Rocker

he doesn´t have a lot of patches but it was the only site I found the slipknot (and King Diamond) patch

MetalxThrasher's picture

Ah nice. Thanks man.

ShieldbitersValhalla's picture

And to Skygge, I also found another place to get the Heidevolk one. At a place called Trollzorn:


The shipping to U.S. isn't bad for German post either(5,50 EUR).

uitSCHOT-NL's picture

too bad the price is almost twice as much over there

Bayernpirat's picture

Heidevolk, Amon Amarth, Korpiklaani, AC/DC - very nice.
I close one eye for the Slipknot patch, it´s your tast

atrophythrasher's picture

i guess i saw you last Saturday at Almere :)

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