Leftover patch vest

Thu, 18/05/2017 - 11:56

I was given a old denim jacket from my brother in law, so I chopped the sleeves and bleached it.
Was just going for an 80's style vest like I first had back when nobody ever had overlapping patches or crowded vests.

Just used whatever leftover patches I had from other projects.

Not for sale or trade


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Zodiac Mindwarp! Fuck yeah! Backseat Education ...

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Haha. Yeah it is a great song from a killer album. And if you're after a good read get Zodiac's (aka Mark Manning's) biography "Fucked By Rock", The filthiest tale of debauchery I've ever read....and I've read a shitload of band biographys.

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Nice job!!

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Fuck yeah, Great one Kimo!!!

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Thanks Nater

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Very Cool!

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Thanks. AS simple as this is, it's one of my favourite vests I've made.

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