Black Metal Battlevest - 4 month update... FInished?


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Wow Amazing mate ! Love this jacket quite "simple" but savage !

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Loos cool in monochrome. And yeah, I've given up saying my jacket is finished now because as you say, they never are!

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Wicked update mate!

Kvlt_ured_Gentleman's picture

The front looks good but that Scar Sighted back patch is absolutely killer!


love the back on this.


is that Leviathan patch? (the big one) if not, the logo is similar at least.

PS: where you get your dissection badge from, please?

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Yes it is and the badge is from a festival I went to.

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It's nice, the minimal approach here really makes it outstanding. The added bands are also great. I've been meaning to buy a Misþyrming patch as well..


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  • barcelona barra brava sur oscura no conoces enseriooooo?????
  • Very nice. Would love to have one someday.
  • thanks
  • Very impressive collection, man! Planing on making a jacket?
  • No conocía Barcelona de Ecuador ! hahaha anal cut los conozco sí, son polémicos ! Tendrás que visitar Ecuador un día de
  • Awesome. Really want one of these, or the round version... or the patch.
  • i think it is a great packpatch. so much so I have one.
  • so far so good
  • Cheers mate thanks! think their 2017 album was fucking sick!
  • PM sent
  • Yeah, I just visited their site to see who performed in past years ;D
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcu94CPCEj4 queria escribir algo pero no me acuerdo de q se refiere pues anal cunt uno d
  • Awesome dude! That Watain/Destroyer tour shirt is Great!
  • Skyforger basically performs there every 2nd year anyway. ;)
  • rac es la abreviacion para rock contra comunistas....muy conocido x la banda skrewdriver y x cierto una de mis bandas fa
  • que bueno nos mencionaron los casualties un vecino le encantaban los casualties los conozco por él, la otra banda aleman